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From Igor Chudov <>
Subject CGI module deprecation
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2017 04:25:33 GMT
I am a very long term user of the famous CGI module. My biggest project is There are al;so many others.

Let me mention that my use of perl on the web, a very long time ago,
started out with Embperl.

At that time, I thought that use of HTML templates with perl code sprinkled
in is a great idea. It was not.

About two years later, I realized that use of "perl inside HTML" is
completely unsuitable for the complex things that I was doing, and I
abandoned Embperl and switched to the CGI module. The CGI module uses "HTML
generation from perl" and that was much more suitable for me for two
reasons. One reason is that my web apps are heavy with logic and relatively
light with HTML. The other reason is that I like to separate presentation
from application logic, and using perl in proper manner made that easy to

Fast forward to today, I can see that CGI module is being deprecated!

The alternatives to it, suggested by CGI::Alternatives, seem to force on me
a different paradigm of development. For example, HTML template seems to be
a rerun of Embperl. That gives me bad heartburn.

Several other frameworks are completely different functionally, in ways
that seem to be not very compatible with my thinking.

Anyway, I am sort of open minded to not use perl CGI module for HTML
generation. Now what?

Is there a HTML generation perl module that does not force me to use
"different paradigms", but that simply makes outputting HTML from perl an
easy and maintainable task?

Thanks a lot. I am not looking to start a flamewar. I hope that I did not
insult anyone. If I did, I apologize. All I want it to find a way to
generate HTML without switching to completely new, or discarded like
Embperl, paradigmatic choices. Thanks a lot.

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