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From Russell Lundberg <>
Subject Re: CGI module deprecation
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2017 04:55:00 GMT
I suggest Template::Toolkit (  Most of my web apps
are also relatively light on HTML, for which T::T works great. And to your
well-founded concern, T::T makes it pretty easy to keep separate logic and

Although keep in mind that is a process, not an event.  T::T also allows
you to embed logic in the templates, so let the programmer beware.

T::T also works terrific with mod_perl, which is useful if your apps are
database-intensive.  mod_perl also has other capabilities to allow you to
move away from the CGI module.  libapreq/Apache::Request

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On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 11:25 AM, Igor Chudov <> wrote:

> I am a very long term user of the famous CGI module. My biggest project is
> There are al;so many others.
> Let me mention that my use of perl on the web, a very long time ago,
> started out with Embperl.
> At that time, I thought that use of HTML templates with perl code
> sprinkled in is a great idea. It was not.
> About two years later, I realized that use of "perl inside HTML" is
> completely unsuitable for the complex things that I was doing, and I
> abandoned Embperl and switched to the CGI module. The CGI module uses "HTML
> generation from perl" and that was much more suitable for me for two
> reasons. One reason is that my web apps are heavy with logic and relatively
> light with HTML. The other reason is that I like to separate presentation
> from application logic, and using perl in proper manner made that easy to
> accomplish.
> Fast forward to today, I can see that CGI module is being deprecated!
> The alternatives to it, suggested by CGI::Alternatives, seem to force on
> me a different paradigm of development. For example, HTML template seems to
> be a rerun of Embperl. That gives me bad heartburn.
> Several other frameworks are completely different functionally, in ways
> that seem to be not very compatible with my thinking.
> Anyway, I am sort of open minded to not use perl CGI module for HTML
> generation. Now what?
> Is there a HTML generation perl module that does not force me to use
> "different paradigms", but that simply makes outputting HTML from perl an
> easy and maintainable task?
> Thanks a lot. I am not looking to start a flamewar. I hope that I did not
> insult anyone. If I did, I apologize. All I want it to find a way to
> generate HTML without switching to completely new, or discarded like
> Embperl, paradigmatic choices. Thanks a lot.

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