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From Brian Scott <>
Subject Re: CGI module deprecation
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2017 00:40:17 GMT
I've just put a system together with CGI::Simple and everything seemed
to behave properly. I seem to recall other compatible things out
there as well when I was looking around. CGI::Simple seems to be working
well enough that at some point I might go back and tweak some old stuff
that uses CGI. I haven't verified the speed or size claims but it's
working well on an old Raspberry-Pi (very low volumes) so can't be too bad.

It claims to be 100% compatible on the parsing side with all the html
stuff removed. I haven't pushed very hard to verify this.


On 30/11/17 8:27 am, Michael A. Capone wrote:
> "and uses the CGI module only for parsing the incoming request."
> I was going to follow up on this thread and ask for suggestions on
> what I could/should use for incoming request parsing.  I have never
> gone further in mod_perl beyond Apache::Registry and just running
> traditional CGI programs, and I only use to get the request
> parameters (but I use it a LOT).  Is there another modeule that I can
> drop in to get that functionality?  Or should I happily keep using
> (which I have no problem installing from CPAN as long as it's
> available).
> On 11/29/2017 01:13 PM, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:
>> My CGI::Prototype is still in use by one of my primary clients, and uses
>> the CGI module only for parsing the incoming request.  The rest is a
>> nice prototype-inheritance structure of Template Toolkit objects.
>> print "Just another Perl hacker,";

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