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From John D Groenveld <>
Subject Re: Compiling with Apache 2.4
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2017 16:01:16 GMT
In message <>, Ruben Safir wri
>I really wanted to make this static and compile from mod_perl and it
>just looks like it is not possible any longer unless I can get apr UNDER
>the apache tree somehow.

Unknown whether statically link is supported, but mod_perl works
fine as a DSO.

>I tried adding /usr/local/apr to ld.conf.d with no luck
>There is a section in the apache code
>ls ../httpd-2.4.27/srclib/
>apr-1.6.2  apr-util-1.6.0  Makefile
>where I added the source code for apr, but it is not being seen

$ ln -s apr-1.6.2 apr
$ ln -s apr-util-1.6.0 apr-util


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