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From John Dunlap <>
Subject Apparent memory leak
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2016 14:00:03 GMT
The system load reported by the uptime command, on one of my servers,
periodically spikes to 20-30 and then, shortly thereafter, I see this in

[2887460.393402] Out of memory: Kill process 12533 (/usr/sbin/apach) score
25 or sacrifice child
[2887460.394880] Killed process 12533 (/usr/sbin/apach) total-vm:476432kB,
anon-rss:204480kB, file-rss:0kB

Several gigs of memory then becomes available and the system load quickly
returns to normal. I'm pretty sure it's a mod perl process that's doing
this but I'm not entirely sure how to track down the problem.

How would you guys approach this problem?

John Dunlap
*CTO | Lariat *

* <>*

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