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From Dr James Smith <>
Subject Re: Alternatives to CGI perl module
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2016 18:19:02 GMT is still good - but i you are using modperl "properly" then it is 
worth look at APR, which when you use under mod_perl it is what 
is used under the hood... and is faster than CGI (one less level of 
abstraction) although there is a minor bug in it - in that is broken if 
you use modperl when it doesn't expand the environment.

We moved away from CGI to using APR as this made life in our mod_perl 

Yes you can look at PSGI and Plack - but in our situation we found quite 
a number of issues causing DOS attacks in this setup - some of our 
requests are very heavy and we wanted to selectively choose multiple 
layers (as in different combinations of handlers) to the application - 
both things PSGI/Plack's design doesn't like. Also we have 100s of 
applications running on the same server which doesn't work nicely in the 
plack environment - multiple servers would really be required which adds 
to server over head...

As for templates - invariably if you want to apply sitewide style to a 
site they are the WRONG solution - but I've had this debate with many 
people and most don't see the point - until I point out how simple I can 
change the way tables work on a site... It does involve writing good 
CSS/JS and not relying on the presentational frameworks which are get 
far to common place!

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