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From Clive Eisen <>
Subject Re: Alternatives to CGI perl module
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2016 15:18:50 GMT
I ca only speak for Dancer2 - I imagine they are all similar
> On 11 Sep 2016, at 15:55, Igor Chudov <> wrote:
> Eugene, sorry for my ignorant questions.
> I see several of these frameworks.
> Is that correct that the result of setting up and programming the framework is a running
perl script?
Yes - usually a psgi so you run it under something like starman

> It needs a reverse proxy in front of it? (I use nginx as a reverse proxy).
IMHO this is the best way - you can use the proxy to handle the ssl if required

> Does nginx proxy to those?
It does so very well

> Do you need separate instances of those frameworks for every virtual host?
Whilst you could do it ‘all in one’ I prefer to run a separate instance per vhost

> Can they run multithreaded? I need to run multithreaded as I need to utilize multiple
Starman will run as many workers as you request so - yes

> Is that true that the frameworks serve the entire website and, for example, I cannot
have static files like JPEGs?
No Dancer2 serves static content very well, although I tend to server it directly out of nginx
as it’s faster and does not require the proxy call

> Do I have to handle all URL rewriting?
You can do that very well in nginx



> On Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 6:08 AM, Eugen Konkov < <>>
> Hi, Igor.
> You may try <>
> Вы писали 10 сентября 2016 г., 15:54:44:
> I hope that this message would not be considered off topic.
> I have been developing web apps since 1996 and have about 84,000 lines of perl code implementing
various websites that I own. I do not work for anybody,  own all websites that I work on,
and these sites feed my family.
> The largest website is <> and I have plenty
of other websites, some to be used inside my own company, and some niche websites like
<>. All these sites work, and all use the CGI perl module.
> I always considered the CGI perl module to be a work of a genius. How it does forms,
prefilling of form values, working with arguments, headers, cookies, html generation and so
on were outstanding. The criticism of CGI as far as importing HTML generating functions in
the main namespace is valid, but can be answered in a simple way, do not use the functionality
if you do not like it (which is what I do), and use templates in your own code when necessary
(as I do).
> OK, so now, as of ubuntu 16.04, CGI is considered obsolete and is being phased out. I
cannot change it. I am literally freaking out for two reasons, one is that I have 84,000 lines
of code using it, and another is that I have hard times finding a suitable alternative.
> One concern is that I want any alternatives to be maintained for the next 20 years. I
can start using something new now if I can find a suitable system. I read CGI::Alternatives
and I am left with a feeling that none of these will survive for 20 years. Second, while templating
is important for any big consumer facing websites, it is not necessary for intranet and niche
websites and makes things difficult to maintain. Additionally, templating involves more than
just HTML templates and sometimes needs to be done in perl scripts, using perl functions to
generate HTML as part of templating, not just HTML files.
> So, I am looking for some web app framework that is sensible, has good support going
forward and lets people use it "the easy way" (without a bazillion of files supporting a simple
script) or the "hard way" (with templates etc). I want a module where HTML can be expressed
as a perl statement.
> Are these any realistically good modules made for people such as myself?
> thanks
> --
> С уважением,
> Eugen                 <>

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