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From Adam Prime <>
Subject Re: which framework is best suitable for modperl?
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2016 14:39:39 GMT
On 16-07-19 11:55 PM, wrote:
> Though I have written several handlers using mp2, but for further web
> development under modperl, what framework do you suggest to go with?
> (I have few experience on Dancer, which I don't think work together with
> MP).
> thanks.

Anything built on top of plack (including Dancer) can be run under 
mod_perl using Plack::Handler::Apache2, so it's really up to whatever 
your personal preference is.

docs on how to run Dancer under mod_perl can be found here:

That said, any framework you use isn't *really* going to leverage 
mod_perl, as they are all design to just run during the response phase 
of the apache request processing cycle. It's through leveraging that the 
mod_perl's power really shines. You can read more about what I'm talking 
about here:


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