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From Michael Schout <>
Subject Re: panic: attempt to copy freed scalar caused by calling cgi->param with TryCatch since perl 5.19.7
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2015 17:36:07 GMT
On 9/16/15 12:26 PM, Vincent Veyron wrote:

> Ha! It was not installed. I suppose that because your test module was also named TryCatch,


> Not sure what to do now?

Rename the crash module as /home/lib/Apache/

make sure the "package" line still reads "package Apache::TryCatch;"

or, unless you are planning to debug perl internals, mod_perl internals,
and/or TryCatch/Devel::Declare to try to trace down the root cause of
this problem, just move on.  The bug is definitely there on jessie as
per my previous email showing how I reproduced it.

If you do want to reproduce it, use the same apache2.conf additions from
my last email.

Michael Schout

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