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From Michael Schout <>
Subject Re: Enquiry about mod_perl project state
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2015 13:08:51 GMT
On 8/14/15 9:59 AM, John Dunlap wrote:
> mod_perl isn't the cool kid on the block anymore but there are a lot
> of systems out there built on top of it and I doubt it's going away
> any time soon.
I'd have to agree with this sentiment largely.  Yes, its not the cool
kid on the block like it was 15 years ago, but its still alive and still
gets the job done. Speaking from my own experience, I still have clients
that have large legacy mod_perl apps and those apps are not going away
any time soon.  

But personally I tend to go with a Plack/PSGI based solution for new
projects.  I suspect a lot of other people are doing the same thing. 
You can still run these projects under Apache/mod_perl.  Or, you can run
them under a pile of other systems (personally I like nginx in front of
starman, but to each their own).

As far as migration path, it depends how deeply the tentacles of your
application have dug into the Apache API.  I have migrated a few
projects off of mod_perl that were very easy, and a few that required
extensive changes in order to run under PSGI.

But I have no problems/fears about the state of mod_perl at this point. 
The port to Apache 2.4 has taken a while, but that is understandable
given the massive changes to the internal apache API.  Simply upgrading
your legacy apps to Apache 2.4+mod_perl alone is going to require some
work because the API has changed. 

Michael Schout

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