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From Thorsten Schöning <>
Subject How to make an interpreter sticky by some conventions?
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2014 09:54:58 GMT
Hi all,

as it seems that mod_perl only manages Perl interpreters per VHOST, is
there any way I can influence which cloned interpreter mod_perl
selects to process a request? I've read through the configurable
scopes and had a look into "modperl_interp_select" in the source and I
could see that if a request already has a interpreter associated, that
one is selected by mod_perl.

>    else if (r) {
>        if (is_subrequest && (scope == MP_INTERP_SCOPE_REQUEST)) {
>        }
>        else {
>            p = r->pool;
>            get_interp(p);
>        }

I would like to add some kind of handler before mod_perl selects an
interpreter to process a request and then select an interpreter to
assign it to the request myself, based on different criteria included in
the request.

But I'm having trouble to understand if such a handler can exist at
all or if everything regarding a request is already processed by a
selected interpreter of mod_perl.

Additionally, I can see APR::Pool-API, but it doesn't seem to provide
the capability to set some user data on a current pool object, which
is what mod_perl reads by "get_interp".

Could anyone help me on that? Thanks!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Thorsten Schöning

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