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From Mathieu Simon <>
Subject Re: Building 2.0.9-dev on Windows w. httpd 2.4
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2014 18:44:03 GMT
Hi Richard

Am 07.10.2014 um 14:59 schrieb Kandarian, Richard Mansfield:
> I don't remember it being very difficult to build Perl with VC. I've attached the essentials.
(Though I don't know whether/how the list handles attachments...)
Yes, it isn't once you learn about the different toolchains that most 
binary distributions
of Perl have been built with and the fact that both httpd and mod_perl 
like to be built
with Visual Studio. I was (and stil don't consider myself) familiar with 
building software
  on Windows, so I had to learn the hard way.

I've been able to build Perl 5.20.1 with VC11 and on mod_perl before I 
saw your message.
Your notes are very welcome, maybe I can improve the process a bit for 
this setup.

With 5.20.1 I had (as per Readme.Win32) to edit the Makefile so it knew to
- build 32-bit binaries on my 64-bit box (XAMPP's httpd is a x86 build)
- and that I was using VC11 Express.

I didn't wait all the tests, but the result was a (AFAIK) working mod_perl.
Thanks a lot for your help folks!

And if you want to consider that as feedback:
Yes, for $ME mod_perl seems to be loadable - even working with the httpd 
2.4.10 build in XAMPP 1.8.3-5
At one condition: Compile Perl yourself with (I'd guess) the same Visual 
Studio version as was used to
build httpd and don't use the included StrawberryPerl.

Best regards

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