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From Adam Prime <>
Subject Re: beginning and testing
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2014 14:55:13 GMT
I'd start by reading this:

I'd then suggest taking a look at some of the popular mod_perl modules, 
and check out how their test suites work. Most of the stuff you're going 
to find there will be very unit test specific.

If you want to do functional application testing you'll need to use one 
of the various headless browser emulators out there (htmlunit, selenium, 
phantomjs) to do that, but many of them can be driven through the perl 
test harness one way or the other.


On 14-10-07 09:23 AM, Patton, Billy wrote:
> I’m rewriting/moving an app that hasn’t been touched in over 5 years.  The original
developers have since left the company.
> It’s all written in CGI/OOPerl.
> It seems as though the original developers applied the OOW-AHH , look at what I can do,
instead of KISS.
> Simply put they needed a skateboard but built a space shuttle.
> So I’m task with taking this Hydra/Medusa cross and converting it to KISS(Keep It Simple
> So I’m going to us mod_perl.  I will be able to use some of their logic and code.
> At my previous job we had a mantra “design for test”
> So from the very first file I create I want to be able to test each step as I proceed.
> I’ve used, very simply, the .t files for test my library and my apps that run from
the command line but never some thing from the web.
> In the past I’ve used an Oracle product that does web testing, but that’s rather
> So have no doubts that Apache and mod_perl have an enormous testing suite available for
testing my perl and the web site it creates.
> IE : Apache:TestRun, Apache::TestRunPerl
> When I do
> apropos Apache | grep -i test
> I get 14 Apache::Test* modules and one Bundle::ApacheTest module.
> So I’m looking for a start point.
> There is a lot of information, too much for me to digest.
> My web app will consist of forms with h-links to another page and some drop downs.
> A few “enter text” widgets.
> I’m beginning to believe that testing in Apache is a completely difference world than
testing from the command line, as it should be.
> I’m just not sure where to start.
> Any recommendations would help.

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