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From Skylos <>
Subject Apache 2.2 and Authorization Providers under mod_perl
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2014 23:17:45 GMT
Trying to migrate an application to mod_perl under apache 2.2 but my custom
auth handlers are blowing up on failure to understand '$r->requires'
method.  The best I can make of it is that apache 2.2 revamped the auth
system requiring the definition of providers (like 'group' allowing the
'Require group xxxx' directive in the config file.

It seems then that I need to define my own authentication provider...
perl-group?  mycustomauth-group, so i can say

Require mycustomauthgroup admin

Thus get the proper ->requires information during the authorization phase
for checking?


PS: I apologize for not being able to derive this answer from my search and
browsing of the mailing list archives if the answer is in there.  I found
some that seemed exactly related to this issue under topic mp 2.0.3 make
test fails against httpd trunk: Has authorisation changed since httpd 2.2 ? but
was unable to find anything about actually defining these authorization

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