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From Dr James A Smith <>
Subject Re: support for Apache 2.4
Date Sun, 16 Feb 2014 17:52:56 GMT
On 16/02/2014 15:36, Steve Hay wrote:
> On 16 February 2014 15:11, Dominic Hargreaves <> wrote:
>> On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 11:10:20PM +1100, Carl Brewer wrote:
>>> Having just downloaded this latest SVN repo, a grep for "2.4" in the
>>> root dir shows a couple of changes, but no explicit mention of 2.4
>>> support.
>>> Before I try it, does it actually support 2.4 yet?
>> The Debian project is shipping mod_perl with httpd24 support
>> based on
>> This appears to be good enough for our needs, so you might like to give
>> it a try (our packages are based on a somewhat older version of that
>> branch, and there seem to be quite a number of changes going in, so
>> it's worth giving that a go. I haven't heard about any current plans for
>> merging this to trunk, though.
> An update on the state of things regarding httpd-2.4 support in mod_perl:
> We are working hard to get this done and are 99% of the way there.
> Both volunteers and volunteers' time is limited, though, so progress
> has been slow. A lot of work has taken place in the httpd24 branch,
> and as Dominic says, some Linux distros are already shipping that.
> Further improvements to mod_perl have also been made in the threading
> branch, and in a bid to improve the state of httpd-2.4 support on
> Windows I recently merged the two together in a new branch called
> httpd24threading. This is where current development activity is taking
> place, and we are now sufficiently close that I expect this to be
> merged back to trunk soon.
> However, we still have several test failures on Windows. If that was
> the only problem then we would perhaps go ahead with a release now,
> simply documenting the known tets failures on Windows, but I think
> things are not quite there yet on other OSes either.
> Once we have things stable with most, if not all, tests passing on the
> likes of Mac OS X and some Linux systems then I epxect we will roll
> out 2.0.9. (There is currently a known issue with t not
> working for both httpd-2.2 and -2.4. I'm not sure how that will be
> resolved yet, or if it will be sorted before we roll a release.)
Thanks for all the hard work - just from personal experience our 
internal framework
(which is close to being open sourced) is currently running on both 
apache 2.2 & 2.4.

In fact the Apache differences were more of a challenge than the 
mod_perl ones
to be honest...

It would be good to have a list of known "features" which may not be 
fully working...
we are fortunate that the code we have written is mod_perl 2.0 from the 
ground up
(and is tied to being mod_perl - no nasty CGI wrapper code)


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