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From Malcolm <>
Subject Re: Scoreboard effects on server performance [was Re: Accessing list of worker statuses in /server-status via Apache2::Status]
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2014 01:19:24 GMT
On 1/8/2014 6:53 PM, Fred Moyer wrote:
> Figured it out - declaring the location of the scoreboard file in
> httpd.conf creates it there.
> Getting a segfault with httpd 2.2.24/5.14.2, will get a coredump and
> backtrace and report back.
> Guessing that the most performant means of using this scoreboard would
> be to put it on a ram based tempdisk.

Or you could use Apache::Scoreboard. :-)

>> On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 10:42 AM, Fred Moyer <> wrote:
>>> I'm poking around the source code seeing if it's possible to
>>> programmatically access the data normally displayed at /server-status
>>> when 'SetHandler server-status' is enabled.
>>> I've spelunked through Apache2::Status but I don't see any hooks for
>>> accessing worker status data. Has anyone done this before? Or do I
>>> need to map the functions in mod_status.c into mod_perl land?

I missed the original post, but this sounds like what Apache::Scoreboard 
does. There's some setup you need to do to safely access the scoreboard 
(it's not created until a certain point in the startup process), 
otherwise you get the above mentioned segfaults.

It's been a while since I've touched the code (it's just worked for 
years now and hasn't needed much since I took over maintenance), but if 
you have any questions about it I might be able to dredge my memory for 
replies. :)

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