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From "Randolf Richardson" <>
Subject Apache HTTPd v2.4.x (was: Re: Error when compiling, please help.)
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2013 18:18:59 GMT
> mod_perl does not yet support httpd-2.4.x. It currently only supports
> up to 2.2.x, but work is underway to add 2.4.x support, hopefully in
> the next release.

	Thanks for the update.  I am looking forward to not having to run 
two different versions of Apache HTTPd on the same box (some modules 
needed at some times are only available for v2.4.x).

	Since mod_perl2 seems to provide one of the most comprehensive 
real-world examples of how Apache HTTPd can be enhanced and extended, 
I feel that it's a shame that ModPerl was "left behind" for such a 
long time after Apache HTTPd 2.4.x was released.

	I use mod_perl2 in almost all my web site projects (and also DBI and 
PostgreSQL quite a bit) because it's so excellent in so many 
different ways, and so I'm wondering if there is general concern 
among others here about ModPerl getting a higher priority from the 
Apache HTTPd team in the future.  (Is this an Apache problem, or more 
of a people resource problem, or perhaps there was a technological 
challenge just this one time, or something else?)


Randolf Richardson -
Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc.
Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

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