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From Michael Lackhoff <>
Subject Re: Problem with mod_perl and DBI/DBD::Oracle LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not being recognized?
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2013 06:37:17 GMT
Am 21.10.2013 22:23, schrieb Dr James A Smith:
> You may have some "quirk" going on with DBD::Oracle - it has a nasty
> BEGIN block in it which
> does some nasty stuff... I had a three day head scratch with this module
> moving from Lucid to
> Precise as it was not finding the tnsnames files - in the end I had to
> set up the environment
> before starting up apache. As the Env settings int the config were not
> in place when DBD::Oracle
> was used for the first time. Not sure when it is being used tho' but it
> took a lot of "root"y
> hacking to discover the problem!

That rings a bell. I remember having problems when I 'use'ed DBD::Oracle 
in but it worked fine as soon as I didn't try to preload it.
At least worth a try...


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