I am new to httpd (or any web server for that matter) and I am trying to play around with some things using Amazon Web Services.  So as much as I may be looking for an answer, I am more interested in where I can figure all of this out.

I am setting up a simple web site (just as a demo for myself) not unlike the apache.org site.  A relatively simple site with a forum (FUDforum), bugzilla, and a couple of other simple services.  I have been able to figure out enough where I am able serve a simple html website; however, I am now working on implementing Bugzilla and I have run into an issue.

I would like to host bugzilla on what I will call "Box B" and I have httpd currently running on what I'll call "Box A" (because I feel like that is more secure/professional ?).  I am unclear on how to serve content from Box B through Box A, would someone be able to provide a little more clarity?

If I had to guess:  
  - Box B would be listed as a "virtual host" under Box A
  - Box B would be running a separate instance of httpd and wouldn't know/care if requests were coming through Box A or directly from the web

Other questions:
  - I have not defined any kind of domain for these (AWS) instances, will that be a problem for now?