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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: Web Server Architecture
Date Sun, 08 Sep 2013 08:34:58 GMT
On 05/09/2013 04:46, Joseph D Carroll Jr wrote:
> I am new to httpd (or any web server for that matter) and I am trying to
> play around with some things using Amazon Web Services.  So as much as I
> may be looking for an answer, I am more interested in where I can figure
> all of this out.
> I am setting up a simple web site (just as a demo for myself) not unlike
> the <> site.  A relatively simple site with
> a forum (FUDforum), bugzilla, and a couple of other simple services.  I
> have been able to figure out enough where I am able serve a simple html
> website; however, I am now working on implementing Bugzilla and I have
> run into an issue.
> I would like to host bugzilla on what I will call "Box B" and I have
> httpd currently running on what I'll call "Box A" (because I feel like
> that is more secure/professional ?).  I am unclear on how to serve
> content from Box B through Box A, would someone be able to provide a
> little more clarity?
> If I had to guess:  
>   - Box B would be listed as a "virtual host" under Box A
>   - Box B would be running a separate instance of httpd and wouldn't
> know/care if requests were coming through Box A or directly from the web
> Other questions:
>   - I have not defined any kind of domain for these (AWS) instances,
> will that be a problem for now?
> Thanks,
> JD

This is really more related to the httpd users list, but to answer you
briefly, you've got it almost correct.

You'd have Box A use mod_proxy to proxy requests to Box B.  However,
unless you have enough non mod_perl traffic to really utilize Box A's
resources on its own, chances are that you can do everything in one
machine - with either one or two httpd instances (in the latter case,
the 'Box A' instance on port 80, and the 'Box B' instance on another
port), depending on your exact needs.  The only real reason to split
like this is if you need to use different MPMs for your mod_perl
appserver and the front-end server.


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