I have some code I use all the time I use to download a file:


if (-e '/report.pdf') {

                open(PDF, '/report.pdf') or die "could not open PDF $!";

                binmode PDF;

                my $output = do { local $/; <PDF> };



                $r->err_headers_out->add('Content-Disposition' => 'attachment; filename="report.pdf"');




I've never had a problem before using the above until trying to do it on a new machine. On that machine every time I still get prompted to download the file but FF/IE says its only 20 bytes (even though the pdf is 200k on the file system) and what is downloaded is not what is on the filesystem.


I tried different files, different paths etc with the same results so I don't think it's a location or permissions issue.


The only thing that gets logged in the attempt is:


TIGHT LOOP!!!: Apache2::RequestRec=SCALAR(0x47e2f78) can't Apache2::RequestRec::print!


Any ideas how I could further debug that error to find the cause?