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From "Steve Hay" <>
Subject RE: problems with CPAN
Date Tue, 07 May 2013 08:11:47 GMT
André Warnier wrote on 2013-05-07:
> Hi.
> I understand that this is not properly speaking a mod_perl issue, more
> like a perl/cpan issue under Windows.
> But before I go subscribe to a couple more lists, maybe someone on
> this list has a clue and can help ?
> I recently update perl on my venerable Windows XP laptop, from
> ActivePerl 5.8 to 5.16, then reverted to 5.14, then finally switched
> to Strawberry Perl 5.16 :
> perl -v :
> This is perl 5, version 16, subversion 3 (v5.16.3) built for MSWin32-
> x86-multi-thread ...
> The reason for these multiple switches was the difficulty in getting
> pre-compiled binary modules for some of the versions above (including
> mod_perl).
> Anyway, in the course of the above tribulations, I did encounter at
> some point the same issue as below, and I wonder where the problem
> really is.
> I am providing the full trace, but you can see the main issue in the
> last 10 lines : at some point, there is a message like :
> C:sperlperlbinperl.exe: not found
> and after that nothing works anymore.

Does it help if you find and delete your .cpan folder? (On XP it's probably somewhere like
"C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\.cpan".) I've certainly seen problems switching
between ActivePerl and StrawberryPerl without deleting the .cpan folder: if it exists already
then they can just take over it and start using that, rather than using their own local one,
and trip up on some of the settings being wrong for the different build flavour.
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