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From Tosh Cooey <>
Subject Apache2::Reload issues
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2013 17:53:06 GMT
Hi, we are experiencing some issues related to running our code under 
ModPerl::Registry and Apache2::Reload issues.  Sometimes the new code is 
run, sometimes not and an error along the lines of:

"could not find method load for"

are logged.

I suspect this is related to this:

But the fact that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't within 
seconds and alternating between working and not indicates that maybe I'm 
getting different Apache children.

Has anyone else encountered this or something similar, and what were 
your options and what was your solution?  Right now I'm thinking that 
each Apache call spawns a new process since this is a DEVEL environment 
and performance isn't required, but maybe others have better options?



McIntosh Cooey - Twelve Hundred Group LLC -

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