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From Torsten Förtsch <>
Subject [JOB] looking for a new project
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2013 12:34:08 GMT

I know the modperl mailing list has been used time and again for job
offers or applications. I am here to do the latter.

People on this list tend to know me as committer and as a helping hand
if they encounter problems with modperl or httpd.

Currently, I am looking for a project preferably in Germany or the EU.
Best if a considerable part of remote work is possible. But I am also
willing to do my share of traveling.

About me:

I am a freelance programmer based in Germany. My strong points are not
only perl, modperl, apache httpd and C but also postgres, javascript,
html(5), css. I have worked with XML and XPATH. A few months ago I wrote
for example a small program that converts openoffice documents into
epub. Both are XML based formats. I know SVG quite a bit.

Also XML based, I have written feeders to keep a Google search appliance
up to date. But I also have implemented search engines based on xapian
and the full text search facility of postgres. I know what a stemmer is
and what snowball means in this context.

I have worked with small, low-traffic web servers and with large,
high-traffic, multi-server installations, with web servers on the
Internet and in intranets. All of them have their specific problems and

On the security side, I know quite a bit about SSL, establishment of
trust, a bit of cryptography. For a client I run a small trust center
issuing SSL certificates for web servers and browsers. I am also able to
set up a firewall based on linux/iptables.

As a programmer I am quite meticulous. I try to handle errors in the
best possible way. I hate it when a program silently ignores errors and
proceeds doing the wrong thing. Better to abort it early. I pay
attention to writing secure code.

Also, I am good at delving into other peoples code and finding and
fixing bugs.

Although I work almost exclusively on Linux other UNIX-like systems are
also welcome. I simply know Linux best. More specifically, I work mostly
with opensuse and sles. I know how to build RPM packets and how to write
SPEC files.

Here are 2 examples of stuff I like to do and am confident with:


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