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From André Warnier>
Subject Windows XP, Apache, perl 5.16, mod_perl
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2013 13:31:44 GMT
Hi guys.

We generally work on Linux Debian systems, and install Apache httpd, perl and mod_perl 
from the package manager, and it works great.
However, for some cases - like my Windows XP development laptop - I would like a local 
copy of this all, to develop and test new software. (Also because I need to support 
customers under Windows).

I used to install a recent version of perl from ActiveState and then a mod_perl ppm from 
the UWinnipeg repository, but that option doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Could you recommend one "integrated" solution for this, in terms of Apache httpd 2.2.x, 
and a recent perl version ? Like, something which works without having to spend a week 
resolving dependencies and incompatibilities ?


P.S. I do not have a C compiler on my laptop, and I'd prefer to stick to Windows XP as 
long as it works.

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