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From NormW <>
Subject Building mod_perl W/O apxs...
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2013 21:54:52 GMT
Apache has supported NetWare since 1.3 (at least) and even today can 
build all extant versions of APR and httpd including the latest trunk 

NetWare does support dynamic module loading for Apache.

Regrettably it doesn't have apxs support now AFAIK.

Apache/APR are built on a Win box and the output files copied to the 
NetWare server to run.

I've been building Perl source for NetWare since about 5.8.4, again on a 
Win box and copying the the output files to the server.

What seems near enough to 'difficult/impossible' is building mod_perl in 
the same environment. The best I have been able to do was to once run a 
Windows httpd/apxs build of mod_perl to create all the generated files 
and then hack them where needed to get them to compile with the 
Perl/NetWare source and an Apache22 SDK. The resulting DSO would at 
least load without issue on the NetWare server.

The bottom line is that I was wondering if there was/is a mechanism to 
bypass all the existing 'build features', and just enter some details 
into a script that can create a usable module for 'dev/hacker' testing 
at least. The other shortfall (FMV) with the present mod_perl build 
system is that it requires a full Perl just to build it, and hence (if 
using AS Perl on Win), it undoubtedly uses the AS build config details, 
whereas if I could use the miniperl from the Perl build process, at 
least settings (etc) would be got from the Perl build.

If this topic has been 'dug through/answered' in previous mails a few 
keywords to search the archives would be greatly appreciated.


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