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From "Echlin, Jamie" <>
Subject exact ordering of handler
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2013 11:54:19 GMT

I have a perl handler that sets the remote user from information
provided in a PKI certificate. I would like the handler to run after
mod_ssl but before mod_authz_svn, basically the same as the following C

   static const char * const pre[] = { "mod_ssl.c", NULL };
   static const char * const post[] = { "mod_authz_svn.c", NULL };
   ap_hook_check_user_id(authmapper_fixup, pre, post, APR_HOOK_FIRST);

I can't work out how to do this with a modperl handler - any of the
handlers here:
run either too early or too late.

I had a look at Apache2::HookRun - is this something that could help?

The background is I am trying to substitute the user name in the request
from the common name in the certificate. I could write it all in C but
it involves some LDAP queries so would be simpler to use perl.

Thanks in advance, jamie

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