Hi Chris,

One approach would be to modify your applications so they use some kind of abstraction layer, like Plack, that runs on top of both CGI and mod_perl.  There's more on Plack here: http://plackperl.org/

Another option, since you used Registry, would be to change your use of Apache::Request to something like CGI.pm which works on both.  You may not need to change much else.

- Perrin

On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 3:07 PM, Chris Bennett <chris@bennettconstruction.us> wrote:
Everything I use/write is strictly mod_perl (mod_perl-1.31 under

I am planning on releasing some of this open-source, but many users will
not be running mod_perl.

What might be the easiest way to go backwards to CGI without a huge
amount of work?
Should I write something that makes $r->print(); work as print?
I have read that CGI.pm and Apache::Request are similar but not the
Is something already written to do this out there? A guide?

These applications use:
use Apache::Request();
use DBI();

All of these modules are using Apache::Registry, not handler.

Chris Bennett