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From Andreas Koenig <>
Subject Re: Problem compiling 1.0 on linux
Date Mon, 24 Dec 2012 14:27:04 GMT
> Fred,
> Yea, i know the platform is outdated, it is a very legacy system and
> we are planning a complete rebuild... finally i installed a virtual
> machine with ubuntu 10.04 (a two year old release of linux) and it
> compiled without problems, in this way we'll be able to cope with
> maintenance until the new system is ready. It was a gcc or glibc
> related issue.

It's not likely it was a gcc or glibc related issue. From all I can read
here it was a perl 5.14 issue and that has been addressed in the SVN

While we are at it, I tried 1.x with perl 5.16.2 and it compiled and
tested OK with the appended patch which goes on top of current I haven't
yet tested it further but will do.

I would be glad to see this patch go into the repository and thus into
"1.32" whenever it happens. Or put another way, I would be glad to hear
of people having other relevent informations to share for running perl
5.16 with mp1.

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