Hi all,

When I call to this function:
sub config_get {
  my $s = Apache2::ServerUtil->server;
  print STDERR "ref(s): " . ref($s)) . "\n";
  my $cfg = Apache2::Module->get_config(__PACKAGE__, $s);
  return $cfg;

I get this output:
ref(s): Apache2::ServerRec
[error] [client] Apache2::Module::get_config: s is not of type Apache2::ServerRec

By contrast I expected it to work as cited in
or used in these examples:

Can be anything wrong with my code?

Note that ref($s) successfully returns "Apache2::ServerRec". However the code crashes anyway.

Also I've tried with
my $cfg = Apache2::Module->get_config($s);
and it runs sucessfully, but I'm not sure whether omitting that parameter may be convenient for the purpose of the code.

Thank you very much.