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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject Re: custom proxy setup with mod_perl
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2012 22:44:45 GMT
On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 2:18 PM, André Warnier <> wrote:
> Fred Moyer wrote:
>> You might want to take a look at a mod_perl based proxy module I wrote
>> -
>> It was used in conjunction with Perlbal and a couple other tricks, but
>> was pretty speedy given the crude nature of how I implemented it.
> No offense intended, Fred, but without much of a documentation, this is bit
> above my level.  I have trouble even understanding where it fits in.

None taken, you're quite right, this needs (more) documentation. It
was open sourced when still in rough form. I'll send a ping when I get
it cleaned up and 0.05 released. Anyway, here's the basic way I used
it. Torsten's solution is probably technically more adept, but I
couldn't do what I needed to using filtering, so I had to write this.

<Location />
    SetHandler          modperl
    PerlHeaderParserHandler Apache2::Const::OK
    PerlAccessHandler       Apache2::Const::OK
    PerlAuthenHandler       Apache2::Const::OK
    PerlAuthzHandler        Apache2::Const::OK
    PerlTypeHandler         Apache2::Const::OK
    PerlFixupHandler        Apache2::Const::OK
    PerlResponseHandler     My::Proxy->handler

package My::Proxy;
use base 'Apache2::Proxy';

sub handler {
    my ($r, $class) = @_;

    # examine request to see if it needs to be modified

    # if not, pass to Apache2::Proxy
    return $class->SUPER::handler($r);

    # else fixup the request as needed.

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