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From Torsten Förtsch <>
Subject Re: get the incoming TCP protocol type
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2012 10:13:46 GMT
On 11/24/2012 11:51 PM, André Warnier wrote:
> Building it on Windows from the tar.gz doesn't seem to work either, as
> it appears to require gcc (and probably a lot of other things not
> available on my XP laptop).

ModSSL.xs does not contain any Linux-specific stuff. It should be
compilable on Windows, as well, provided you have the right environment
to compile apache modules.

> libapache2-mod-gnutls - Apache module for SSL and TLS encryption with
> GnuTLS

You know that mod_gnutls is something completely different from mod_ssl?

> Going to build O/OP/OPI/Apache2-ModSSL-0.08.tar.gz
> Could not figure out which apxs to use. Try the -apxs option.

This is the hint you need. When apache is compiled and installed the
apxs program is installed along with it. It is needed to find out about
installation locations and compile time options related to your apache
installation. It is normally looked up as "apxs" in your $PATH.

Apache2::ModSSL is an XS module. So, you need all the perl, modperl,
modssl, openssl and apache dev stuff there is.


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