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From Dave Morgan <>
Subject Re: Connection aborted
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2012 18:25:42 GMT
Thanks Andre.

On 14/11/12 12:33 PM, André Warnier wrote:
> Dave Morgan wrote:


>> We did find the use statement and removed it. We now get
>> Software caused connection abort at
>> /home/apache/metapoint/trunk/ line 231.
> Ok, so now you know at which line of which module this issue happens.
> Is that you only issue (this line in the logs) ?
Pretty well, we also get a similar problem when some IE clients download
pictures (jpg's).

Software caused connection abort at /home/apache/metapoint/trunk/Metadot/
line 216, <OUT> chunk 1.\n

The code here is (edited for brevity)

open OUT, "<$read_file";
binmode (OUT);
print $CGI->header(%header_values);
         local $/ = undef;
         while(<OUT>) {

> Because if it is, it doesn't necessarily indicate a problem.  It can happen just because
> the user clicks on some other link (or closes the window or the browser), before your
> server has had time to send it the full answer to the present request.
> Because of that, there is no more client connection over which Apache can continue to
> the response, and the next time your program tries to write something, it triggers this
> error and message in the log.
>> This only happens when the client is IE. From searching the net it
>> appears to be something to do with the http header not quite right.
> No offense intended, but that sounds iffy to me; unless your $response below is a PDF
> document, in which case there was something indeed with some versions of the Adobe PDF
> plugin for IE not behaving correctly with some standard HTTP headers.
> The code is quite simple:
>> print $CGI->header( $header_info_ref );
>> print $response;

<-- maybe you could add "or something-to-do-in-case-of-error" here

The response is standard html/text, no fancy formats. I will look into catching the error
and doing a dump.

>> Running curl provides the following output

> The above looks like a perfectly valid request/response to me. Do you get an error in
> logs when you do this with curl ?
No, not at all, as I mentioned the only time it happens is "sometimes" with IE. :(

> In short, what is your problem ?
I'm not sure there is one, however, this occurs 50-100 times a day which seems very high to

Thanks for your help.


Dave Morgan
Operations Manager, Cool Places In Canada
403 288 8759 / 866 938 0516

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