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From gAzZaLi <>
Subject Re: question on sub-requests
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2012 20:51:31 GMT

Q1: At first glance, using a mod_perl handler to serve an existing 
static html file seems like overkill.

Couldn't Apache respond (RedirectMatch?) with a common frameset html 
file with some Javascript, which then fills the first frame with the 
response to and the second frame with the static html file?

If you have control over the creation of the request URLs, you could 
also have them come in as say, "show.html?ghi", which will be a frameset 
html file which works as above and not have Apache do any extra work.

In each case, your mod_perl handler would be simpler and deal only with 
responding to the value of arg.

Of course you may have already considered and rejected these ideas and 
I'm missing the point entirely.

On 11/12/2012 9:19 AM, André Warnier wrote:
> Hi.
> context: Apache2.x, mod_perl 2.x
> In response to some request URLs, I have to compose a response
> structured as follows :
> - a html frameset document with two frames
> - in the 1st frame, the result of another HTTP request to the same
> Apache server.
>    This URI of this HTTP request is created by "mangling" the original
> request URL somewhat.
> - in the 2d frame, the content of the HTML file corresponding to the
> original request URI.
> For example, if the original request URI was something like :
> "/abc/def/ghi.html", then
>    - the top frame should contain the (html) output of a request to
> "/cgi-bin/"
>    - the bottom frame should contain the content of the
> originally-requested "/abc/def/ghi.html" URI (which is a static file).
> I am thinking of doing this by :
> - creating a mod_perl ResponseHandler
> - having this response handler make a first sub-request to the
> "/cgi-bin/" URI, grabbing the content of the response
> to that sub-request, and insert it into the first <frame> of the output
> <frameset> document.
> - having the response handler do a lookup_uri of the original URI, get
> the resulting filename, reading the file and insert its content into the
> second <frame> of the output <frameset> document.
> My 1st question is : is the above a valid plan, or is there something
> fundamentally wrong with this approach ?
> My 2d question is : looking at the Apache2::SubRequest documentation, I
> do not see a clear way of getting the response content of a subrequest.
> For example, the run() method explanation seems to indicate that the
> response content is sent directly to the client.
> Am I missing something ?

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