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From Torsten Förtsch <>
Subject Re: A question about the dumplicated named global variables
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2012 08:28:50 GMT
On 11/09/2012 06:40 AM, Feng He wrote:
> Nobody knows this item?

I think you didn't get an answer here because the question is not
related to modperl. It's purely perl matter.

Exporting a variable out of package A into package X means something like


Now, you have to figure out what happens to $X::var if you do


as you do in and what happens if you do




as you do in the 2 handlers.

BTW, to avoid confusion I'd prevent the import() function from being
called in by either

  use Config1 ();
  use Config2 ();


    require Config1;
    require Config2;


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