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From "Thomas B. Doerr" <>
Subject mp2 Apache2::ServerUtil::server_shutdown_cleanup_register runs only on startup
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2012 20:59:42 GMT

Using mod_perl-2.0.4-10 on Apache 2.2 [prefork], with Apache::compat, I've 
registered a server-level cleanup handler in a PerlPostConfigureRequired 
module using the following code:

 34 warn "parent pid is $$\n";
 35 Apache2::ServerUtil::server_shutdown_cleanup_register((\&cleanup));
 36 sub cleanup {
 37     warn "server cleanup in $$\n";
 38 }

This is run outside the restart_count() check, in the module's main block. 
I would expect this message in the log on server shutdown when restarting. 
However, it is only logged on server startup, like so:

[Fri Sep 28 15:42:49 2012] [error]  [APG] PostConfig server start
parent pid is 17697
server cleanup in 17697
[Fri Sep 28 15:42:49 2012] [debug] mod_so.c(246): loaded module 
[Fri Sep 28 15:42:49 2012] [debug] mod_so.c(246): loaded module 
[Fri Sep 28 15:42:49 2012] [debug] mod_so.c(246): loaded module 
log_config_module ...

Trying to register a handler that can untie/delete a dbm, which should 
only be valid for the current running Apache server instance. Thanks,


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