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From "Randolf Richardson" <>
Subject Re: Mod_Perl2 getting started
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 21:13:31 GMT
> Hi,
> I´m finding the online documentation regarding mod_perl2 confusing
> with regards to all the various modules dealing with request structures etc:
> APR::Request, Apache2::Request, Apache2::RequestRec, Apache2::Upload,
> etc.
> Does anyone know of a tutorial or example code that sorts these out?
> Ideally a simple one module working code response handler that illustrates access to
> parsed request, handles args as querystrings and Post data, uploads a file or
> two, and returns an html page to the requestor. Anyone have something like that?
> Thanks very much in advance,
> Joe N

	Hi Joe.  I wrote one guide that has helped a few people get started:

	It's still a work-in-progress, and although it doesn't show you 
everything that you're asking for, it will get you started.

	Accessing query strings is covered in the Apache::Request module 
documentation -- "param" is the keyword to search for.  I recommend 
that you develop a clear understanding of how this works before 
tackling file uploads, because it will make the learning process with 
regard to handling file uploads a lot easier.

Randolf Richardson -
Inter-Corporate Computer & Network Services, Inc.
Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

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