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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Perlbrew + mod_perl2 + libapreq2
Date Sun, 29 Jul 2012 15:23:33 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> My goal is from a Perlbrew (per-user Perl) environment install mod_perl2
> and libapreq2 from CPAN either directly using tools like "cpan" and
> "cpanm", or automatically as dependencies listed in other CPAN
> distributions.   The reason for this goal is to allow multiple developers
> on a single machine to work in their own development environment and
> possibly different versions of Perl.  Perlbrew solves this.
> It's not a strict requirement, but I'd prefer to use the system-installed
> Apache.   What that means is that and would be
> installed per-user and not installed in the system Apache modules
> directory.  Then LoadModule would have to point to these two locally
> installed modules.
> Anyone have experience doing this?

Considering the amount of work you seem to have already done for this, I hate to say this,

but I think that you are on the wrong track here.
I don't see how you could achieve what you seem to want without having one distinct Apache

instance (and probably even installation) for each user.

The whole point of mod_perl is to have a perl interpreter loaded and embedded at startup 
into the loaded and running Apache server code, so I cannot imagine how you could switch 
this at run-time to a user-specific set.
(a side-question being how you decide which user to switch to).

You could run several instances of Apache under different user-id's, on different ports, 
with a different configuration, pointing to different directories to load their modules 
from however.

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