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From "Froyland, Todd" <>
Subject [mp2] Install error with Makefile.PL - uninitialized value at
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2012 22:52:31 GMT
1. Problem Description:

  Installing mod_perl2, latest version(2.0.7), on hp-ux machine(B.11.31). 
  The "perl Makefile.PL" command returns the following error:

    % perl Makefile.PL MP_AP_PREFIX=/opt/hpws22/apache
    Reading Makefile.PL args from @ARGV
       MP_AP_PREFIX = /opt/hpws22/apache
    no conflicting prior mod_perl version found - good.
    Configuring Apache/2.2.*/ mod_perl/2.0.7 Perl/v5.8.8
    Checking if your kit is complete...
    Looks good
    ERROR from evaluation of /opt/mod_perl-2.0.7/Apache-Reload/Makefile.PL: Use of 
    uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at Apache-Test/lib/Apache/ 
    line 1100.

  A few other details:

    % httpd -v
    Server version: Apache/2.2.8  HP-UX_Apache-based_Web_Server (Unix)
    Server built:   May  7 2010 12:11:23

    % perl -v
    This is perl, v5.8.8 built for IA64.ARCHREV_0-thread-multi

    There is no apr-config or apu-config on my machine, but there is an
    apr-1-config and apu-1-config, so I created symlinks to both of those.

    There is a previously existing mod_perl installation (1.99), but it
    is in an obscure directory that is not in @INC.

  I have searched the mail archives and internets for anything related to
  this problem, but could not find anything useful. I am neither a Perl 
  nor sysadmin guru, and I don't understand enough of what the 
  program is doing to figure out what might be wrong. 
  Any suggestions would be helpful.


2. Used Components and their Configuration:

*** mod_perl version 2.000007

*** using /opt/mod_perl-2.0.7/lib/Apache2/

*** Makefile.PL options:
  MP_APR_LIB     => aprext
  MP_AP_PREFIX   => /opt/hpws22/apache
  MP_COMPAT_1X   => 1
  MP_LIBNAME     => mod_perl
  MP_USE_DSO     => 1

*** The httpd binary was not found

*** (apr|apu)-config linking info

 -L/opt/hpws22/apache/lib -laprutil-1 -lldap  -lexpat -L/opt/hpws22/apache/lib
 -L/opt/hpws22/apache/lib -lapr-1 -lrt -lm -lgss -L/opt/hpws22/apache/lib -uldap
_compare_s -uldap_simple_bind_s -uldap_err2string -l:libldap-2 -l:libsasl2.a -L/opt/openssl/0.9.8/lib/hpux64
 -L/user/apinteg/BerkelyDBIA64/lib -ldb -Wl,+b,/opt/hpws22/apache/lib -lpthread 

***  -V

*** Packages of interest status:

Apache2            : -
Apache2::Request   : -
CGI                : 3.59
ExtUtils::MakeMaker: 6.30
LWP                : 6.04
mod_perl           : -
mod_perl2          : -

3. This is the core dump trace: (if you get a core dump):


This report was generated by t/REPORT on Tue Jul 10 22:36:48 2012 GMT.

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