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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Quiet Internal Server Errors
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2012 15:53:06 GMT
Josh Narins wrote:
>>> I see a hit in the access logs.
>>> I get an Internal Server Error.
>>> And still, the error log is completely silent. This is my problem.
>> Without server errors I get a bit lost.
>> This seems to be a config with VirtualHosts.
>> Are you sure that you're looking in the correct error logs ?
>> Some errors will be in the "main" log, others in the virtual host logs.
>> Also, "print STDERR" is not necessarily the best way to send an error
>> to the logs, under
>> mod_perl 2.
> While  I am using Virtual Hosts, the PerlPostConfigHandler is defined outside any of
> On a positive note, when I change from "print STDERR" to open my $fh, ">>/tmp/abc"
in my PostConfig handler, the file is written.
> I checked the whole machine, there are no other error logs. Do I need to set up virtual
host error logs separately, and they just go to /dev/null without such configuration?
Separately from Torsten's answers, as an appendix.

No, they will not just be discarded to /dev/null.

The "main" part of the configuration (outside of <VirtualHost> sections), acts as a
of default values, inherited by all VirtualHosts.  A <VirtualHost> /may/ override any

parameter with its own value, which takes precedence.  But it does not have to.

Error messages may end up in the system's SYSLOG logs, depending on how the Apache startup

script of your system configures things (like in /etc/init.d/apache2 or so).  The 
imagination of Linux package creators is boundless..
Check /var/log/daemon.log and similar.

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