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From mike cardeiro <>
Subject Re: mod perl installed but not running
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2012 20:43:38 GMT
> From: André Warnier <>

> Very good. And by the same mechanism, you are already avoiding the problem with 
> all the silly (and sometimes dangerous) names that people can give to their 
> files.

that is precisely why I did it this way.

> So if your files in the filesystem only have an unique-id as a name, then you 
> also have a download script, and this download script can also show the users a 
> nice page with the list of files that they can download, right ? and the links 
> that are shown are each in turn a call to your download script, to download the 
> file that they choose, right ?


> And another question : how many files maximum can end up being stored in that 
> upload/download directory ?

generally I do it by size. so a user can upload say 5 gigs worth of files and the upload script
will query the database for a sum of filesizes of all of that users files to see it they still
have space.  This is where I am really exited about the prospect of doing this in mod_perl. 
in the past, if you were uploading a 1 gig file but did not have space on your account you
would not get an error until the entire file is uploaded.  I am thinking with the way mod_perl
works I can query the db for that user  before the entire request (upload) is made and throw
an error immediately  (though I could be wrong)

I guess another thought I need is not only the size of files but the actual number of files...I
suppose there is a choking point when there are just too many files in one directory.

Mike Cardeiro

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