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From HappyPerlUser <>
Subject Re: Help Debugging Windows Server 2003 Win32 + Apache2.2 + mod_perl + Activestate Pelr 5.8.8 ErrorID 26
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 08:17:57 GMT

HappyPerlUser wrote:
> Have now unchecked the enable interact with desktop checkbox, although I
> thought we needed that for some automation scripts in the past (that ran
> external windows programs on the server).
> May also try running Apache from the command line, but then again as you
> say it is then a different user, and quite different from running as a
> service.
> This server is not part of a domain. Maybe we just need to remove the
> mod_auth_sspi module {probably a hang over from another system}.

Removed mod_auth_sspi module. It was a hang over. No change in behavior.

Despite the enable interact with desktop being unchecked, the popup messages
still seems to be appearing on the admin console (need to confirm this)

Running Apache from the command line and disabling our watchog did give us
some further information.

Stared httpd.exe: no output and normal service started. Requests were
serviced normally

Initially there were 2 windows processes: PID 3748 & 9000

After the server stalled, the popup appeared on the terminal server and no
further requests were serviced.

Upon hitting the OK button on the popup, there were still 2 windows
processes, but now they were PID 3748 1580

Again server stalled and a popup appeared. No web requests serviced. After
clicking OK requests were serviced again normally. Now the PIDs are 3748 and

No messages ever appeared on the Windows cmd window running the httpd.exe
process (presume this meant that nothing was sent to stderr or stdout).

No crash dump was ever created, even though I had userdump configured to
monitor the process.

So it looks like something inside Apache is causing the popup and then
attempting to recover internally by regenerating a new worker process.

Could this be related to config parameters???
# Turn on library reload mechanism
PerlModule Apache2::Reload
PerlInitHandler Apache2::Reload

I'd like mod_perl to auto-reload, but I'd like it to do that without waiting
for the OK button on the windows popup.

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