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From "Cosimo Streppone" <>
Subject Re: How do you use mod_perl for your web application?
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2011 16:33:09 GMT
On Thu, 16 Jun 2011 06:01:03 +0200, Fred Moyer <>  

> I'm interested in hearing about what application frameworks (Catalyst,
> CGI::App, Mojolicious) are used here with mod_perl.

A bit late to the party.

In Opera we have lots of systems running modperl 2, ranging
 from 1 server to moderately large and critical apps.
For the most part we use an in-house framework started
many years ago.

Recently we have seen two friendly factions struggling
for power :), one moving towards Catalyst/DBIx/TT2 and
another testing Plack/PSGI.

Latest new project I deployed in production is a psgi
single sign on server that uses Plack::Handler::Apache2.

> ... emerging Perl based webservers on CPAN

Yes, very interesting. I'm planning to compare
raw modperl 2, Plack::Handler::Apache2 and starman for
the same application and extract some performance data.

> Performance of mod_perl2 has never been an issue to date

Yeah, also wrt stability. For medium and large scale systems
we usually deploy frontends as reverse proxies using
any of apache, nginx, varnish, perlbal or pound.


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