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From "McCarrell, Jeff" <>
Subject Re: How do you use mod_perl for your web application?
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 19:00:04 GMT
On 6/27/11 11:44 AM, "McCarrell, Jeff" <> wrote:

>While this may not be the last word on this subject of DBIx::Class Db conn
>a cursory glance at the documentation shows:
>	Note that DBIx::Class::Schema does not cache connections for
>        you. If you use multiple connections, you need to do this
>        manually.

Poking a little bit further,
it looks like DBIx::Class caches statement handles via DBI
(see disable_sth_caching which explicitly disables this caching)
and that the design is oriented toward re-connecting to the DB
as long as AutoCommit is turned on; which Apache::DBI also does.
I believe that DBIx::Class is not as well suited for interleaving
different SQL statements on the same connection as Apache::DBI because of
deeper assumptions about error handling and the state it assumes
across SQL statements.

So it appears that DBIx::Class does do its own connection handling,
but aimed at a different design center than Apache::DBI.


-- jeff

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