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From Rolf Banting <>
Subject Re: How do you use mod_perl for your web application?
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2011 11:43:07 GMT
We use mp2 + httpd in prefork mode to translate between JSON/SOAP to
proprietary CORBA (via opalORB - the 100% painless CORBA interface) on
dedicated servers .

We've run 100's of requests a second through a single server. So long as
httpd is configured sensibly the performance is excellent. A word too on
stability. One installation has been chugging away for about 4 years now
without a single defect report.

I also use it for internal testing - using virtual hosts to serve a
proprietary in-house socket protocol, which is then reconstituted inside
perl. The advantage of this is that I can use Apache::Test to drive the

So far the need for frameworks of any sort has not arisen. The ones I have
played with, Mason,Catalyst,Gantry, Dancer are all very capable. Probably it
is due to the limited use I've put them to but I tend to find that
Text::Perlate (or even just some quick and dirty regex-based text
mutations), and maybe a bit of javascript gets me there quicker than the
frameworks. That said - I have an uncomfortable suspicion that sophisticated
technology leads to sophisticated solutions, whether the problems at hand
deserve such sophistication or not.

Just to reinforce Randolf's enthusiasm - mod_perl is fantastic. Combined
with httpd's remarkable flexibility and stability I can't see why we don't
brainwash our children into using it as soon as they can hit a keyboard.

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