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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject How do you use mod_perl for your web application?
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2011 04:01:03 GMT
I'm interested in hearing about what application frameworks (Catalyst,
CGI::App, Mojolicious) are used here with mod_perl.  Given the number
of emerging Perl based webservers on CPAN (in addition to Nginx,
lighty, etc), it seems like there are many more Perl web application
and webservers out there now than there were five years ago.

I'll start.  I have a couple of Apache::Dispatch based applications I
wrote.  I also work on an Apache::ASP large codebase, and a couple of
different Catalyst based systems.  All are running on mod_perl 2.0.4
in production (the ops haven't upgraded to 2.0.5 yet).

If I were to migrate, I would probably try out something like
Mojolicious on Plack on mod_perl2.  Performance of mod_perl2 has never
been an issue to date, but I have Perlbal doing connection handling as
a reverse proxy.

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