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From William Bulley <>
Subject Re: apache2 or mod_perl2 oddball error
Date Sat, 18 Jun 2011 03:50:29 GMT
According to Perrin Harkins <> on Fri, 06/17/11 at 15:35:
> On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 3:20 PM, William Bulley <> wrote:
> > Recall that all I'm trying to do at this point is to get the apache
> > server up and running. ?The fact that these two lines in this include
> > file of this particular application case "apachectl -t" to error out
> > should have nothing to do with the application and how it does or does
> > not start up.
> Well, presumably they compile constants that your code needs.  But I
> see that you tried commenting them out, which is a good idea, and then
> got some unreferenced scalar errors, which were not related to these
> lines.
> I'd probably try stripping down your conf file to try to find what
> causes these errors, taking out chunks of mod_perl-related stuff until
> it starts without complaint.

Excellent suggestion!  Thanks!   :-)

This is where I will pick up the reins when I next return to this
effort.  I'll report back here what I find out.  Thanks again.



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