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From marco <>
Subject Re: Install mod perl
Date Wed, 18 May 2011 15:20:54 GMT
Il 17/05/2011 22.33, André Warnier ha scritto:
> marco,
> under which version/distribution of Linux are you doing this ?
> (the answer I am looking for is something like Debian or Ubuntu or 
> RedHat..)
Hi Andrè,
i want to install it in a Ubuntu 10.10. I have just installed Apache 
2.2.18 and now I want to load mod_perl module in a dynamic way.
> The reason I am asking you, is that each of these distributions has a 
> "package" system, which you can probably use to install apache and 
> perl and mod_perl using just a couple of commands, and not have to 
> bother doing it "the hard way".
> See the answer of Cosimo Streppone previously today in the same 
> mod_perl list, subject : Ubuntu and mod_perl.
Sorry, but i can't find this mail. Can you post if you saved it?
May be, it was deleted in my e-mail client.


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