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From Michel Jansen <>
Subject http-authentication on postgresql
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2011 15:10:27 GMT
Hi There,

I have some troubles with the http-authentication using apache2 in 
combination with postgresql. I used to do it with Apache::AuthenDBI 
configuring access.conf in the following way:

AuthName MyDB
AuthType Basic
PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthDBI::authen
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI:data_source dbi:Pg:dbname=mydb
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_username me
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_password pw
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_pwd_table MEMBER
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_puid_field EMAILADRES
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_pwd_field PASSWORD
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_encrypted off
require valid-user

But with apache2 this results in errors...

Can anyone give me a hint?

Kind Regards,

Michel Jansen

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