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From Torsten Förtsch <>
Subject Bug in Apache2::ServerUtil
Date Sun, 06 Mar 2011 15:47:36 GMT

Apache2__ServerUtil.h contains these lines:

static void mpxs_Apache2__ServerUtil_BOOT(pTHX)
    newCONSTSUB(PL_defstash, "Apache2::ServerUtil::server_root",
                newSVpv(ap_server_root, 0));

    newCONSTSUB(PL_defstash, "Apache2::ServerUtil::get_server_built",
                newSVpv(ap_get_server_built(), 0));

    newCONSTSUB(PL_defstash, "Apache2::ServerUtil::get_server_version",
                newSVpv(ap_get_server_version(), 0));

    newCONSTSUB(PL_defstash, "Apache2::ServerUtil::get_server_banner",
                newSVpv(ap_get_server_banner(), 0));

    newCONSTSUB(PL_defstash, "Apache2::ServerUtil::get_server_description",
                newSVpv(ap_get_server_description(), 0));

The problem is that way get_server_banner() and get_server_description() are 
constants. They are instantiated at the time the module is loaded. But 
Apache2::ServerUtil can be loaded in a <Perl> container. At that time banner 
and description are not yet constant. Modules may add components in open_logs 
and post_config.

The fix is really simple. I have just uploaded Apache2::Banner that does it 
externally (for those who still have to use 2.0.4). Would be good to fix that 
in the next mp2 version.

Torsten Förtsch

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